Audio Mixing Tutorial – Compression

Hey, Guys! Today I’ve posted a tutorial on my YouTube Channel about Compression in audio mixing. It explains what it is, when and how to use it. Depending on the reception I might make more. I’m not sure yet. Let me know what you think. If you’re not into the science of music check out my earlier post on the weird genre of abstract hip-hop

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4 thoughts on “Audio Mixing Tutorial – Compression

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    1. The program I use is Reason 8 by Propellerhead. As for normalization It’s case by case but what I generally do is I normalize first so they have the same reference point. I then start with -7db threshold fast 2 to 4:1 Ratio and a fast attack and release. this way it gets the transients without over-compressing the meat of the sound. If I need harder compression I usually increase ratio, split the clip and adjust volume manually or rerecord when all else fails. Hope that help out and thanks for watching!

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