Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

Years ago I was in search of new music via Wikipedia, particularly hip-hop. I came across a list called “A list of Abstract Hip-hop” or something along those lines. The first artist on that list changed my view of hip-hop forever; Aesop Rock. Aesop Rock, not to be confused with ASAP Rocky, is an artist that debuted in 96 and he RARELY uses the same word twice. He even has the (According to Polygraph Magazine)  Largest vocabulary in Hip hop. I stumbled upon his then new single “None Shall Pass”and the dense lyricism struck a chord with me. I loved how his word play wasn’t based on similes and metaphors like most popular rappers. Aesop tended to use imagery and complex rhyme schemes to express himself which rekindled my love for hip hop and writing in general. I haven’t listened to too much Aes Rock since 2012 because his style and my style drifted,but to this day I still respect his artistry. While searching Wikipedia for “Abstract Hip hip” it redirected me to experimental hip hop instead and Aesop rock doesn’t get one mention on that page. Some people I remembered on the original listen were MF Doom and Cise Star. You should totally check them out.

None Shall Pass by: Aesop Rock

If you liked this post check out my post on the genre of “Musique Concrete”  or check out my YouTube channel where I post videos daily. Also Know any cool artists? Leave a comment with a link to thier youtube, soundcloud or bandcamp and I’ll check them out and if I like what I hear I’ll feature them.



10 thoughts on “Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

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