Journal Entry – Visiting Russel’s Point, Ohio

Yesterday, was another awesome day. My homie/ groupmate Brian “Nature” Hughes came up to Dayton from West Chester, Ohio to hang with Dre,Qais, Quan and I. Although Quan couldn’t hang till later, the rest of us went to Russel’s Point, Ohio to visit a tattoo shop. It was an 1hr and a half drive! We went their to visit Brian’s Tattoo sensei. He’s a dope artist that dreams of becoming a tattoo artist and normally he goes to a shop much closer, but he decided to visit his teachers main shop since she owns multiple. After that we came back to Dayton swooped up Quan and enjoyed what was left of the night before Brian had to head by to West Chester.

(Left to Right) Brian,Quan,Dre,Qais.Me

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