Come Read Some Articles

I’m going to be running errands all day so I didn’t have time to type up an article so please check out my other content which I have linked below. I have articles I wrote as well as YouTube videos I posted throughout the week

Pros & Cons of Mass Media

The Death of the Facebook Like Pages

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

5 thoughts on “Come Read Some Articles

  1. I wish I could just improvise something and play it the way you do. However…why are you sitting so low? Forgive me, but I was taught your wrist had to be virtually horizontal to allow the fingers to do all the work. Apologies for being a busybody!

      1. Oh…I’m sorry. Just call me an old fuddy duddy. 😦 I hope some day you become very famous and get a grand piano along with a house to go with it. -hugs-

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