Realistic or Flashy?

So, I’m currently in a  dilemma. I have been working on building my Patreon Page for some months now and I am planning the “Please Support Me” video for it and I was thinking whether I should go with with Realistic or Flashy? Here’s what I mean…

The more realistic video would have me in front of the camera sitting on my air mattress (because I don’t have a chair >.<) being down to earth explaining the content I create in my humble studio apartment. I’ll probably set some of my equipment and stuff with me for visual interest.

The more flashy one would be me going over someone else house or finding another venue to record. Doing something a little more entertaining, but I’m not one who goes out his way for spectacle and I don’t want to come off cheesy.

Both Videos will be edited, of course, and have background music added in as well as a nicely edited intro sequence showing clips and pics from my work over the last 5 or 6 years. What do you think? Should I go the Humble realistic route or the more flashy entertaining route

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