5 thoughts on “Ear training Day 2

  1. edwardody

    Ear training software like this is good as it can help you access what level your ears are at, but I think there are more effective ways of actually training them. It might help for you to sing the intervals for example. If you can’t sing it then you don’t truly know it. Doesn’t have to have an amazing tone but the pitch should correct.
    I like to pick a note on the piano, play it, listen, wait for a few seconds and then try and sing it bang on without hitting the wrong note and sliding up or down to it. Harder than you think.

    1. I’ve heard that singing it helps and use it for analyzing songs I’m familiar with but I’m a more of a logical learner and singing it makes an already abstract concept feel even more visceral. Test like these bring it down to earth and show me my progress with stats and such. Thanks for the advice though because it is solid.

      1. edwardody

        Yeah, that’s fair enough. For me I’d say singing is better for internalisation seeing as the sound has to come out of you as well as going in, but obviously there’s no right or wrong way. I actually learnt the intervals initially by associating them with an instantly recognisable tune. Star Wars for the perfect 5th, Over the Rainbow for a perfect octave, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire for major 6th etc.

      2. lol That’s funny because I did the same too. Perfect 5th was Linkin Park “In the End” and Major 2nds with Promenade by: Modest Mussorgsky. I wonder if it’s possible to listen to a song and hear all the intervals like one would hear words of a language?

      3. edwardody

        It is! In fact it’s possible to go much further. If you dig into genres like jazz or neo soul, or anything that has complicated improvised elements, knowing the intervals is just the first step. You have to identify notes and intervals within moving chord changes which muddies the water, especially considering that a note might not fit with the chord you’re playing in the traditional sense if it’s an anticipation/delayed resolution of another chord.

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