The Platinum Album Dead?


Last fall, I found an article mentioning how the definition of platinum albums needs to change in order to keep up with the current market. Apparently, the RIAA, the people who certify albums as gold, platinum, etc. think so as well. Recently, the RIAA has implemented a new certification system that includes streaming views along side album sales.150 views counts as one download and ten downloads (1500 views) count as an album sale. Under this new standard Kendrick Lamar’s album “To Pimp a Butterfly” has become certified platinum even thought it’s only sold under 400,000 copies. Kendrick and his team seem to find the change distasteful, but I think that this is the only natural evolution of the music industry. Piracy is as rampant as ever and with less people buying albums and opting to stream on YouTube and Spotify. The one downfall I foresee is that more albums will go platinum due to spectacle rather than quality, since streaming doesn’t mean the person streaming enjoyed the content. (Although, you’d need 1.5 Trillion plays to go platinum with no album sales so that’s comforting)

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2 thoughts on “The Platinum Album Dead?

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