Moving to Texas

So, my lease is ending soon in early May and I’m seriously considering moving to Texas; Austin, Texas in particular. I’ve lived in Dayton,Ohio my whole life and I want to see what opportunities are out there for. I suggested this idea to my music friends and instead of them fighting me and trying to make me stay. They agree that Dayton is cool for steady jobs and getting on your feet but there isn’t many opportunities to grow as a young adult and mature in a business sense. They then suggested we team up and move together. My reaction was this face -> O.O. I’ll keep you updated on anything crucial that  happens but I’m excited to see if this works because it could help us all pursue our dreams of living a life of creativity and art. Teamwork makes Dream Work (Studios)

4 thoughts on “Moving to Texas

  1. All the best! I love to sing too and I like to sing american songs, but I am not american by birth and always wonder whether I would be accepted as a singer..maybe some day I will be brave enough to put my voice out there.

    1. You should totally put your voice out there. I’d say first define who you are 1st. After that find the people who enjoy your music. If they don’t like it that’s cool it’s not for them but if they do build a stronger connection with them anyway you can. That’s what an indie rapper named Zero Star told me half a decade ago and I hope it helps you find your voice.

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