Help Me Attend My Film Debut

I know I said no new content would come until June 22nd but I have some amazing news. I was part of a winning short film project for the Flicks4chicks contest and now it’s part of a festival in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One problem though. I’m in Dayton,Ohio and after number crunching I realize the crippling $310 round trip for the Greyhound Bus is preventing me from going. Honestly, this isn’t a lot of money, but on short notice and rent to pay, it’s a pretty tight squeeze. So, I’m humbly asking for your assistance. I started a Gofundme campaign (don’t all sigh at once). There will be a campaign video coming in the next couple days. I appreciate your time reading this and I hope you consider supporting me and this next step of my artistic journey. Go to to support!

(Beyond here are visuals and my excerpt from Go Fund me Page)


Winning Confirmed
Confirmation the Film made it into the festival
Greyhound fair
Confirmation the Film made it into the festival

Hi, I’m James Revels III, a freelance composer from Dayton, Ohio that promotes science , art , math , music and writing . Recently, I was asked by a long time reader of my  blog to compose music on a short film project for theFlick4Chicks  contest hosted in Cambridge, Massachuesetts. Winning films would be showcased June 29th at Brattle Theater, a local indie film spot in Cambridge. Long story short, our film was among the chosen ones! Bad news is the travel cost is outside of my budget. On a Greyhound bus, It’s $155 ONE WAY, for a roundtrip  total of $310. Although, this isn’t my first short film project, it’s the first project I’ve ever worked on this is playing in an actual theater. I also recieved no compensation for my work on the score. This was a labor of love that serendipitously grew into something more. I appreciate your time spent reading this and hope you decided to help support me on the next step of my artistic journey.  Thank You
James Revels III

9 thoughts on “Help Me Attend My Film Debut

    1. Thanks I appreciate your comment. If you could share the link as well that would be awesome. I just added an official campaign video and it would be great if you checked it out and shared Thanks again.

  1. Reblogged this on A (Mostly) Music Blog and commented:
    James Revels III is a fellow WordPress blogger and a freelance composer. A short film project that he composed music for has been selected for screening and he needs a bit of help to afford the round trip bus ticket from Dayton, OH to Cambridge, MA, where the screening will take place. James has started a gofundme campaign and has raised $50 toward his $300 goal. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to contribute financially. But sharing is caring, and I’m hoping that James’s post will reach others who can spread the word or help financially if they are willing and able to do so. Good luck, James!

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