Calling All YouTubers

Hi, my name is James Revels. I compose instrumental music for YouTube and I’m looking to exchange free promotion of your videos on my blogs, Twitter, etc. for the use of my instrumentals as background music for your video. If you are interested leave your link in the comment or email me at I look forward to collaborating with you!

10 thoughts on “Calling All YouTubers

  1. Vibha Ravi

    Hi! This is a good initiative as I have been looking for music to go with my videos — the ones available for free on Youtube become repetitive. Just a question though – would the use be free of cost and liabilities or we would pay for the use of your music on our videos?

      1. Checked out a couple of your videos and left a couple comments with my thoughts 🙂 Also If you hear any instrumentals you’d like to use let me know and I’ll email or dropbox them to you.

      2. Vibha Ravi

        Thanks James – both for your comments and the offer. I’ll definitely get in touch reg. the music I want to use. All the best for your endeavor.

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