Escapism EP Cover

I know I teased you guys yesterday and I’m sorry. So, as a token of my apology I offer the full cover to my upcoming Hip-Hop project “Escapism”! It was created by yours truly, Coming soon are summaries of the project and each track, soon followed by the first track titled “Genesis”.Stay tuned for more updates!

Escapism EP

Apex Update

The rounds of Apex are set up and ready to play, Next step is deciding what to do once you return to your home town after beating the tournament.

Some features I’m planning on implementing:
-Weapon/armor upgrades slots (operational)
-Learn new skills in menu by paying gold or maybe other currency (planning stage)
-Mutually Exclusive Alignment System – depending on your choices throughout you gain “light side” & “dark side” points, but they are mutually exclusive meaning you the dark and light points don’t effect each other.
Ex. you have 20 dark and 20 light. normally you’d be neutral and get 0 different speech choices. In Apex, you’d have an extra 2 dark and 2 light responses despite both being even.

Photos Attached: World Map :Atmos
Round 4 of Apex
Nadir (Your home town)

Nadir – The Main Character’s Hometown 
World Map
Atmos – The Planet where Apex is Set 
Round 4
Round 4 of Apex Tournament

I’m Animating Now

I may have been quiet for the past few days but I was still busy working. I was recording some tracks with my friends, but also have been working on adding a new skill to my repertoire, Animations. I’m in the middle of working on an animated music video for a song I did for my daily music making challenge on youtube. Here’s a compilation video of some of the practice.

Daily Music Creation Playlist

Just made a YouTube playlist for the song I create during my Daily music creation challenge. Check here to find an archive of your favorite compositions as they continue to grow and grow.