Escapism EP Cover

I know I teased you guys yesterday and I’m sorry. So, as a token of my apology I offer the full cover to my upcoming Hip-Hop project “Escapism”! It was created by yours truly, Coming soon are summaries of the project and each track, soon followed by the first track titled “Genesis”.Stay tuned for more updates!

Escapism EP

Apex – The Synopsis

Apex is an RPG I am working on using the program RPG Maker. I created it as a way to show case my music as well as my love for math via game design. Although, I have been working on this project for a few years now, I know I still have years to go before I get it to the perfect state I want it. So, in the meantime I’ll gather hype about the game slowly, but surely with updates including music and articles like this. Without further delay, the synopsis…

Apex Synopsis

Ever year on the planet of Atmos, there is a tournament held to determine the strongest warriors on the planet. These warriors are called the “Apex Warriors”. You and your two childhood friends Liliana & 6 Eyed Jack spent your entire lives training to fight in this tournament. The game follows your journey as you explore the planet of Atmos to grow stronger in order to protect your title as Apex, year after year.

(Below is a pic of the world map, a video with pre-alpha play footage and a music video for a theme of Atmos)

Atmos (Meridian Region)


Here’s the world map theme to this RPG I’m creating called “Apex” it’s still a long way from being finished, but I throughout the week I will post more information to flesh out the world and game. So, Stay Tuned

Here’s some Pre-Alpha play of Apex

Hey Ya! – Chilling with the New 11

Lately, I’ve been quiet because the studio has been full as well as hanging with local band “The New 11”. They are an acoustic band that plays unconventional such as African flutes, bongos, jaw harps and much more.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the practice and below that is the final video production. Support their channel by subscribing!

Finished Video of Hey Ya!

Behind the Scenes


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Music Making Challenge Day 54 – Tactics

So. I haven’t posted an instrumental to my YouTube channel in almost a week because I was working on this beauty (in between partying for the new year). Usually I make instrumentals only 2 minutes or less, but his one I was trying something new. I was practicing my orchestration of a theme and a counter theme between various ensembles in order to play with textures and layering.

A Recording Session Well Done

Last night had a large recording session with a load of friends; a full house.  We recorded a rap song that featured 5 of us including myself which will release after Xmas. whenever the rest of the guys give the OK on the mix. We also recorded loads of extra behind the scene footage of pre-recording discussion and freestyles, which are currently uploading to my YouTube channel. Stay Tuned for more from out of the Pyromaniac Productions Studio because this is just the beginning.

(Left to Right) Dre,Qais,Quan,KO,Tevi, Nino and Jemetri 

Post Session Clip


Day 52 of Music Creation

Today is day 52 of music creation challenge. I have  demo of a hip hop beat I may use for a project I’m creating soon. We shall see. I’ve been working on this animation for a couple days and it’s coming along nicely. I want to show you my progress but I think it’s best I hold off the excitement.

Wanna hear some of my rhymes? Check out the video below you wont be disappointed

NEW MUSIC VIDEO – Man in the Mirror

Today is day 48 of my music making challenge and I decided to do something different. Instead of just a short music composition I decided to add lyrics and do a full scale music video all done since I woke up this morning. It’s based on my poem I posted earlier today of the same name. Enjoy!


Advanced Music Theory – Measure Grid

As a composer I’ve found the current system of writing music perfect for playing music but conveys little about the music theory structure. I usually make graphs and charts in graph paper notebook, but I decided to take my work to excel and made this little beauty. Let me know what you think. I’ve never explained this before so if you have any questions leave a comment