Video Game Theme I was working on using chord progression III – vib – I – I – ii – IV – v – VII in the key of E. It’s a mix of chords from E Mixolydian and G# Lydian. An interesting result for sure.

Hey Ya! – Chilling with the New 11

Lately, I’ve been quiet because the studio has been full as well as hanging with local band “The New 11”. They are an acoustic band that plays unconventional such as African flutes, bongos, jaw harps and much more.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the practice and below that is the final video production. Support their channel by subscribing!

Finished Video of Hey Ya!

Behind the Scenes


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Music Making Challenge Day 54 – Tactics

So. I haven’t posted an instrumental to my YouTube channel in almost a week because I was working on this beauty (in between partying for the new year). Usually I make instrumentals only 2 minutes or less, but his one I was trying something new. I was practicing my orchestration of a theme and a counter theme between various ensembles in order to play with textures and layering.

2016 – Breaking Limits

I know this is a day late, but who cares my blog my rules. Happy New Years and welcome to  2016! 2015 was a horrible year for me and I was backtracking practically the whole year so the theme for this year is breaking limits. This way I always have a heads up on myself.

The goal is to not compare myself to others, only covet the goals I achieved in the past. I plan on waking up earlier and drilling my ear training. The Music Making challenge is one hold for the first week so I can train my ears.

This year lets pursue our goals and break limits

Day 4 of Ear training

NEW MUSIC – Game Changer

It’s finally here the track we have been working on for a week now “Game Changer” by Tevi ft. King Leo, Eas, KO, Nino.

Check out these fire verses for 5 local Dayton,Ohio Lyricists on the Sound Cloud embed below

(The song was mixed down by me so let me know how I did!)

Also, Check out some of the behind the scenes footage on my YouTube channel. There are freestyles and pre-recording discussions check it out.

Pre-Recording Discussions.

Freestyles for Days!

A few days ago I talked about a recording session well done, where I had a full studio. Here are a few of the behind the scenes freestyles to bid you over while I mic down our massive 5-man track

Also check out my portfolio for more content. I’m not only limited to music.