It’s official!

It’s official!! What is you ask? well I officially have my own place no more coming home to mamma!!! lol It won’t be out of state or city like I wanted, but it’s a start towards bigger things. I’m excited. I’ll be away from internet so I’m going to curate some posts from now and move in day on May 8th. But I’ll live close to the library so I won’t fall off the face of the earth I promise

If I ran for President and More!

So I made a short video talking about if I Ran for President as well as 3 other videos you can check on my channel James Revels Composer You should check em out and tell me if they are interesting.

Other work

Sketchbook: 2015

Introducing Pyromaniac Productions WordPress

I have officially created a WordPress for Pyromaniac Productions. Check it out here!

About the Site

Pyromaniac Productions Logo

Pyromaniac Productions, or ‘P-Squared’ for short, is a movement interested in music production and education. The name stemming from the fire we wish to ignite in the hearts of the creative . This blog is a hub for the network of blogs that span topics on S.A.M.M. (Science Art Math and Music). Occasionally, we feature guest post. If, you have an interesting take on S.A.M.M. email us at

Miss a post? No Worries.

So, as of the beginning of April, you have been using Audio SeXXX 2015 edition. Because my post frequency is about to increase, I’d like to call attention to a little feature of the site. If you click the green hexagon a menu of widgets will pop up. It contains the list of the last 5 posts, the archives of all 500+ posts over the last 2 years, and the main pages of the site. I hope you utilize this feature as you use Audio SeXXX because I designed it to help you keep up or find new content to enjoy.

Click the green gear button
How the main button looks when clicked
How the main button looks when clicked

The Evolution of Eloquence to Return after 2 year hiatus!

Before Audio SeXXX,  there was The Evolution of Eloquence. A poetry blog I ran prior to creating Audio SeXXX 2 years ago. As time went on I couldn’t handle both blogs due to circumstance. although the evolution of eloquence made it to 4000 followers, Audio SeXXX, only a couple months at the time, had about 2,000 and counting so I make the harsh decision and shut down the Evolution of Eloquence… until now. After publishing my poem book, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” it’s only fitting to return to my roots. Right now I am redesigning to site so it’ll be a month or so before I add new content but below I have links to some vintage James Revels writing for you to read. I hope to see you over there in a couple months.

My Poetry

My Flash Fiction

My Commentary/Short Essays