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  1. Hello James! Tonight I spent an extraordinary time listening to each and every one of your cuts/tracks…I am a music-lover of all types and genres. I usually know if I love a song in the first few beats or seconds of play. With your tracks I had to be a bit more patient, lol. But that’s not a bad thing. I am glad I waited for an extra beat or two because I found a few gems that you could qualify as ‘eargasmic’ **blush** (sounds naughty, doesn’t it?!). Here are the ones that “wow’ed me”: Emerald Sunshine, Keep Moving On, Healing My Troubles With These Jams, Praise.
    You are a talented young man and I wish you much success. You seem disciplined and determined, driven, and a person with a dream and a plan. That kind of person is the person who gets the most out of living and enjoys the reward for his effort. Don’t give up, even when it seems it will never pay off the way you envision or if things go wrong at times. Nobody ever reaches success without failing along the way or walks without falling down occasionally. I hope to see your name in the big lights one day. And if they don’t come up in the big lights, then there was some other plan meant to be, perhaps. But do know this, my friend: Music brings light into darkness, happiness where there are tears and hope when there is despair. Music is one universal language that soothes the savage beast and calms the worried soul. You have been blessed with the ability to make life in this world a better existence by being able to make beautiful music.

    1. Thanks for the heart felt comment and listening to my music I really appreciate it. I hope things get better for you in your life and don’t worry about not being able to donate anything. I work a regular job and did this long before I ever saw a cent. I just do this for the love of it. Wish you luck on everything in life thanks for stopping by hope to hear from you soon

  2. P.S. I wanted to tell you that I wished that I could have donated something for the songs..I have been out of work just over two years now and my finances are nil. However, I try to keep a good attitude. Your music (the songs I picked) was uplifting and that is the stuff that keeps me from going nuts. Thank you for making those songs available. I know you need the money too. I hope 2014 is a better year for all of us.

  3. Mmhh, interesting, but, honestly, man, I find the sound lacks considerable refinement – are you familiar with the work of Max Corbacho, Robert Rich, Rudy Adrian, or Steven Roach? Check it out if you don’t mind…
    Otherwise, all the best to you, James – keep it up!

      1. All good, James, I am glad you didn’t take it personal. People tend to take readily offence when their art is questioned. It’s surprising to me that you, who aspires to make ambient music has not heard of the likes of Robert Rich (I suggest you listen to “Yearning” – with Lisa Moskow; “Nest”; and “Stalker” if you like dark ambient), Steve Roach (I suggest “Early Man”), Rudy Adrian (I suggest “Moonwater” and “The Healing Lake”), and Max Corbacho (I suggest “Ars Lucis”, “The Ocean Within”, “DeepTime”, “Nocturnal Emanations”). Some of these works are older but yet absolutely unique and mind-blowing – at least to my feeling. Currently, I trip on Max. He’s also made some interesting recordings with Bruno Sanfilippo (“Bioma” and “Indalo”), field-recordings of sounds underscored with layered electronic wash. Rudy will release a new atmospheric work in February. Man, I wish I could wrap my mind around learning the ropes to make such sounds, but I am a lazy bum and not very techsavy. Check it out, James, and if you like to have flac torrents of some works, you may wish to check at “rutracker” for free downloads. Keep it up, James, and if you don’t mind, let me know how the artists felt to you. I wish you all the best!

      2. Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been running around a lot lately just moved my studio equipment into my friends apartment and he doesn’t have internet at his place yet. I’m going to listen to each artist one at a time and I started with Robert Rich. His stuff is amazing! it’s very meditative and I like how he uses micro-tonality in his work something I’ve known about for years but not sure how to incorporate yet. so far my favorite song of his is “Geometry of the Skies”. I’ll let you know what I think of the rest. Have to prepare for work at target and recording session tonight.

      3. Please yourself, James – you’re the master of sound. I don’t even know what “micro-tonality” is (ok, I could look it up). I know that he and others experiment with sounds that directly affect brainwaves – if I didn’t mention it already, check out his seven-hour work called “Somnium” (first performed at a “sleep-in concert”) to which he plans an eight-hour follow-up called “Continuum” at some future time. I like music if the sound resonates within me, plucks some kind of “heart string”, has an energetic affinity. And, yeah, I like most the experimental mellow meditative melodious ambient stuff.
        Take care, James!
        Best wishes

  4. I must admit your music caught me up and I spent time here I did not plan on. I guess I’m not an expert on music, and I don’t know how much better your music could be, but I liked Karo Tosen and Our Beautiful Existence a lot. (Not so much Philosophers Stone.) I love the fact you have a dream and are pursuing it, but also willing to work and pay your own way. My dream is as a Teacher/Writer, but this did not develop until I was married, had two kids and a third on the way. We had five children all together and its been a wonderful life, but my teaching and writing always had to work around these things. Now I am 59, the kids are raised and I’m going for it! Right now, God has given me this incredible vision of what it means to have a spiritual life of soaring, or a carnal life of flapping. I’m teaching a lot about being an eagle or a sparrow. When I saw your Dragon sketch, that got me thinking what kind of music you might create when meditating on an eagle, or a sparrow? It’s just a thought. I know with me, I need to let a thought roll around in me for a while, and if I get inspired, then I end up creating something with it. So just put this idea in the back of your creative mind and see if anything grows. We’re practically neighbors. I live in Indianapolis. One last thought, if you like a godly influence in your life, my blog site might be something you like. The eagle is a strong and inspiring message. I will be purchasing those two albums I liked soon. I think you have a real dream and should definitely keep pursuing with all your heart, as God leads you.

    1. Thanks for taking time to leave such a detailed message. Appreciate you considering purchasing karo tosen and our beautiful existence every cent helps toward tuition. As for your idea about what music world sound like meditating on a crow. That idea doesn’t sound half bad. I’ve always wanted to make meditation music but lately my life hasn’t been relaxing enough for me to channel pure mediation and relaxation in to the craft. As a writer, have you published any books?

      1. I’m just beginning to work that direction. I have a writers conference in Anderson Indiana at end of this month. An example of my writing would be the story I’m currently writing on this blog site, “The Encounter”. I’m getting ready to do another chapter as soon as I get off here. I was a truck driver until back surgery recently changed the course of my life, but it has been a good thing, freeing me up to finally pursue this dream. Now the bird you mentioned was a crow, and that could add to the list, but eagle and sparrow is actually where I’m at. There are great spiritual lessons to learn from them. Thanks so much for responding, and yes, I am requesting your two albums for my birthday coming up. My daughter will be sure to fix me up. Looking forward to it, and I hope you keep in touch. I’ll be dropping in to see how you’re doing on your dreamchase. I love a good story!

      2. I want to read “religion of the future” seems interesting. Id love to keep in touch. Do you have a Facebook or something? WordPress isnt the best to keep up with individuals. Also When is your birthday?

      3. Birthday is in November. My email is: However, I hope you share details of your vision quest on your site. That is what I do. So actually, you’re site works best for me, unless you need a longer conversation. We could do the email. I’m not into facebook at this time because it requires so much time. I’ve been on it before and always fell behind.

  5. Hey James,

    Congrats on all of your great work for the music and art communities. Keep up the great work and Thanks for your like of my latest post.

    All The Best,

    John Howard
    Mr. B

  6. Hello James!
    You recently followed my blog and I finally got around to learning a little about you. I am so glad that I did!
    I write about addiction. I am on a journey with my now 18 year old son that has consumed the last 3 years and taken him on a path that neither of us could’ve imagined for him. Not only is he a Steelers fan, but he is also a musician. He began drumming in 3rd grade and continued into high school, making it to the “honors” level and even on track to have a self-guided senior research project. He had been accepted into a music program at Ithaca the summer that he went “off track.” He didn’t appreciate his talent or the opportunity he had in front of him, as a 16-year old. He is currently in rehab, but when he was with me over the summer he was mixing beats and writing rap.
    So…watching your intro video, listening to your work, and seeing how devoted you are to it, literally brought tears to my eyes. Good for you! (I want to hug you through the screen. Your mother must be so PROUD!) You are wise not to be afraid of hard work. You strike me as the kind of kid – 21 is still a baby! – that won’t take “no” as an answer; ever. I can’t wait to learn what you make of your future.
    Be true to yourself and keep at it! – Marie Bruno

    1. Thanks for leaving such amazing comment. It made me smile 🙂 but there’s also one more similarity. I’m a stoner trying to quit since mid October. I been smoking weed since 18 and when I was forced to leave buffalo the first time after 6 months due to financial issues that my girlfriend and I couldn’t resolve financial issues I was forced to move to ohio her to north carolina with her mom then subsequently we broke up. From August to mid October I was high everyday and locked myself in my room making music and it didn’t help that all the friends I do music with smoke as well. I admit every couple weeks I may relapse slightly when helping my friend who invested in a studio identical to mine use reason, but I haven’t bought any weed myself and I’m slowly gaining will power. Tell your son stay strong because I relate with him all too well.

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