Hi Guys!!!

Hi Guys!!! So I’m back. I haven’t posted for a week or so because I’ve been doing a lot of things to prepare for “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” as well as some other things to improve myself

First I did this video explaining some of the inspiration behind Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Also for those who want are skeptical and want a sampler of the book I’m in the works of setting up getting you a 5 poem sampler and the 1st 3 songs off the soundtrack.

Here’s also a song from the soundtrack. Enchantment


Second. I have been updating the Pyromaniac Productions Website heavily, so I haven’t been doing weekly updates for that reason. The site’s not broken but if you go there now you will see a lot of the layout has changed and much more is soon to come.

Also for those waiting on WORD ORIGINS I am still working on it. I’m just studying some video editing skill and making some custom art work so I can give a superior presentation.

Third. I’ve been doing some self development as well. I on a 50 day streak on this language learning app named Duolingo. I want to be fluent in Spanish by years end. You should follow me on that app. username: jlronthebeat.

I also was practicing some drawing. I love drawing geometric art and mandalas.

finally. I’ve been working on a short story titled. “Jacob and Daedalus” I finished Chapter 1 yesterday as well as finished the first rough draft for chapter 2. I’m so excited to share that with you as soon as I refine it to my liking

50 days straight of Spanish practice on this app called Duolingo add e username: jlronthebeat
50 days straight of Spanish practice on this app called Duolingo add e username: jlronthebeat
Drawing practice I love mandalas and geometric patterns
Working on short story “Jacob and Daedalus” Finished Chapter 1 and finished 1st draft of chapter 2


New year’s goals


This new years goal list for 2015
1) first thing is publish “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. Everything has been put on hold to work on this project. For those who haven’t read the “upcoming projects” tab. “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”  is a poetry book that I’m going to publish this year. I have material dating as far back as 2009, my 10th grade year of high school! Now that Microsoft office is on my computer I can finish revising and editing.
2) more volunteering. Called up a local museum and went to think tv with dad to talk about volunteering and gave the 2nd in command a business card (networking ftw for more on detail on my volunteering/education vision read here http://www.pyromovement.squarespace.com/about)
3) accumulate and save $5k. If I save on track like I have been I should have 5k plus by years end

What’s your 2015 goals?
Happy new years