The Academy of Combat Arts Trailer

Here it is the Academy of Combat Arts Trailer!

The Academy of Combat Arts Coming soon!
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ACA Update: World Map

Tichoshi Isle
Tichoshi Isle

Yo guys here’s a pic of the world map “Tichoshi Isles” Starting from top. The Ice land is Artika, Yuhiko’s home. On the middle desert island that is where Academy of combat arts is located. The biggest island toward the right is Five Grand Cities and that little fiery volcanic island on right has no name no back story and is still under construction.


The Academy of Combat Arts Synoposis

RPG plot Synopsis
Yuhiko, A heroine whose colony of Artika was destroyed by a wild, mutant snow beast is saved by a man whom she vaguely remembers by his eyes “as orange as sunrise” and his bright, white wings like a guardian angel. After being rescued by her unknown savior she regains consciousness at Academy of Combat Arts where she will learn how to defend herself during her journey to find her savior and remaining survivors of her family.

ALSO HERE’S TWO 1 MINUTE THEMES. One for the light and one for the dark enjoy!

Light Theme

Dark Theme