Journal Entry 12/09/2015

Yesterday was an awesome day. Started off the day, Qais came through and practiced some of his verses in the morning. Then after practicing, we played soul calibur and I improvised on my piano and posted both videos to my youtube channel. Following that Dre, Quan, Kashe and Mike came through and recorded a track and then ended the night writing a new song. It was a fun, productive and awesome day.

My improvisation 

Awesome Soul Calibur Matches

Why I’m Not Going To Vote

After this week in politics I’m officially done. This is just getting ridiculous. I’ve never been deep into politics, but I am interested in the state of my country so I don’t go outside and get bombed because the president was an ass-hat to a diplomat. Trump is an obvious bigot and he may get the GOP nomination, but I know he won’t win the presidency. I don’t hate Hilary but I don’t have a reason to like her due to ignorance. As a 90’s baby all I know Hilary as is the first lady to Bill Clinton. I’m very pessimistic about the current state of the presidential race. Someone please tell me something to give me hope in the system.


Some nights after work my girlfriend likes to play some chill tunes. I love the jazz influence and feeling reminds me of hip hop producer blockhead.

You should totally place put this song on and read some of the articles I’ve posted earlier in the week.

The Death of the Facebook Like Pages

Journal Entry 12/07/2015

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

Li-Fi: Light based Wi-fi

Music Creation Challenge Day 44 – Imagination

Here is day 44 of my daily music creation challenge, where I compose a short instrumental that’s about 1 to 2 minutes long and post them to my youtube channel everyday or 2. I’m an experimental composer, so I like to think of these as my experiments while I’m preparing my next major project. If you aren’t interested in the music you should check out my articles which will be linked to below the embed. If you like the music please subscribe and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your opinion.

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The Death of the Facebook Like Pages

Journal Entry 12/07/2015

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

Li-Fi: Light based Wi-fi

Journal Entry 12/07/2015

Today, was a productive day. Woke up and wrote a blog post on the death of facebook like pages, then started the pre-roll for the next video for my audio mixing tutorial series on my youtube channel. Mid way through the day I had a couple friends, Dre and Qais come through and we worked on refining a hip hop track we are working on. We recorded 1 of 2 then just relaxed and clowned the rest of the day. Dre left and our other  music homie quan came up we drank a little tequila and shared lyrics then I composed and posted a short theme, Day 43 for my daily music making challenge on youtube and then began writing this post. Today was a great day. Productivity and fun is the greatest combo.

(From Back To Front: ME, Qais, Dre)

The Death of the Facebook Like Pages

When I first started my Facebook like page for my music, it may not have been the most popular but it had small engagements. Now, years later, it seem I can barely get Facebook to show my post to even 10% of the people who like my page unless it’s a popular meme. What happened? My theory has two premises.

The News Feed Filter

The first sign of the death of the like page was when Facebook turned the default setting of the news-feed from “Recent stories” to “Top Stories”, which filters your news feed. What happens is when you engage with someones post, Facebook sends more post from that person to your feed. Sounds good right? Well…it also works in reverse. When Facebook sends you post from someone and you don’t engage with it, post from those person slowly disappear, resulting in an echo chamber of similar/samey content. This resulted in like pages drastically losing reach and engagement because they were slowly being filtered out unintentionally. This problem is even more inflamed by like farms since they like random pages so when you post something they don’t engage causing you post to lose reach since the more people who engage with your post the more news feeds Facebook will place it in. (The Youtube Channel Veritasium explains this from a perspective of a more popular like page here)

Facebook Post Promotion System

Shortly after they changed the Facebook news feed, Facebook announced their new service. Paid Post promotion, in which you could pay Facebook to place your post prominently in people feed. This seemed fine on its own, but coupled with the news feed changes it’s a little more disingenuous. Essentially, Like pages were paying for the reach they originally got before the filter. These changes didn’t affect avid fans who would visit the like pages directly but hurt the more casual fans because it was slowly filtering it out their feed without them realizing it. Now Facebook like pages are great at engaging with loyal fans, but is counterproductive for trying to increase a new or casual fan of your page.

There’s my thoughts on the death of the Facebook Like Page. If you liked this post, check out my YouTube Channel where I post a video daily, usually a short theme I composed or the occasional tutorial. You should also check out my other post linked below my YouTube embed.

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Audio Mixing Tutorial – Compression

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

Li-Fi: Light based Wi-fi

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

Years ago I was in search of new music via Wikipedia, particularly hip-hop. I came across a list called “A list of Abstract Hip-hop” or something along those lines. The first artist on that list changed my view of hip-hop forever; Aesop Rock. Aesop Rock, not to be confused with ASAP Rocky, is an artist that debuted in 96 and he RARELY uses the same word twice. He even has the (According to Polygraph Magazine)  Largest vocabulary in Hip hop. I stumbled upon his then new single “None Shall Pass”and the dense lyricism struck a chord with me. I loved how his word play wasn’t based on similes and metaphors like most popular rappers. Aesop tended to use imagery and complex rhyme schemes to express himself which rekindled my love for hip hop and writing in general. I haven’t listened to too much Aes Rock since 2012 because his style and my style drifted,but to this day I still respect his artistry. While searching Wikipedia for “Abstract Hip hip” it redirected me to experimental hip hop instead and Aesop rock doesn’t get one mention on that page. Some people I remembered on the original listen were MF Doom and Cise Star. You should totally check them out.

None Shall Pass by: Aesop Rock

If you liked this post check out my post on the genre of “Musique Concrete”  or check out my YouTube channel where I post videos daily. Also Know any cool artists? Leave a comment with a link to thier youtube, soundcloud or bandcamp and I’ll check them out and if I like what I hear I’ll feature them.


Weird Genres: Musique Concrete

Have you ever sat up early in the morning and listened to the birds chirp and thought “Man, this would make a great tune”? Well, I have and I’ve been looking into weird genres of music and I came across one named “Musique Concrete”. This genre is defined by its use of natural, sometimes everyday sounds. If you’ve ever seen someone create a song with only scissors and a tooth brush. You’ve witness musique concrete. Instead of using words I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Here’s a Modern Version of Musique Concrete where hip hop artist Mac Lethal re-creates “Niggas in Paris” with hair products.

Here’s a 1979 Documentary on Musique Concrete

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