Eargasm of the Day – American Aliey Reborn

So American Aliey is a great amazing singer. She is also the first eargasm to be featured on Audio Sexxx and sister of Aübèl Cuzèl, who was featured recently as a guest poet.  Years later she has finally dropped a short project of covers named “One Love Lost” and she did a remake of turning tables which is awesomeness!!!


Well American Aliey is not the only thing reborn. James unedited has been reborn as well check out the first video below!

When I Saw You (Guest Post)

Today we have a guest post, be nice to her :p and I hope you enjoy!
Hi, my name is Deja Thomas, however I go by Aübèl Cuzèl. I’m an artist and a poet, I plan to be an animator someday soon. I mostly dedicate my time to drawing, but I do write and partake in photography here and there. Currently I’m working towards my goals and improving my artistic style as much as I can. This is my journey to accomplishing my goal as an artist.

I decided to write this poem to be something different from my normal writing style. I wrote it in a man’s perspective to his prospective love interest.

When I Saw You
by: Aübèl Cuzèl
I seen you from far away and your curvaceous body caught my eye.
Damn you look fly as you swing those hips like a pendulum.
Its hypnotic as it puts me in a trance.
I don’t believe in romance but you have ways that could change a man.
I want you to know how I admire your legs, so long and smooth.
I want to divide them one from two, baby don’t you know what I can do?
Girl I fancy what it’s like to be between your panties.
I’d like to peel your clothes off and slide into you.
I want to explore your insides and take you to the moon and back.
No, no, you deserve more than that.
I want to take you beyond the universe.
I want to get lost in you as we explore each other.
Time is an illusion because it already stopped when I saw you from the corner of my eye.