Ear Training 17 & 18 – Chord Progressions

Hey guys! Didn’t get to post my ear training results to wordpress because I didn’t get to my computer after work until it was really late but I did post to instagram (@jamesrevelscomposer) if you want to see the ear training results fresh off the press.

So I’ve been doing doing chord progression recognition of the Major scale particularly the I,ii,IV,V scale degrees. Yesterday I got a 65% which was a huge jump from the 48% I had but today I normalized with a 56% with my goal for each type of training being 90% I still have looads of work to do



Ear Training Day 1

So I realized I’m boss-mode at music theory but my ears suck at hearing it 😦 so I’ve resolved to train my ears daily for 30 days or more so wish me luck.

Based on this I’m so tone deaf to sixths especially the major one *super sad face*
Due to results of first part of training I’m did practice on the sixths and here is he results

EARGASM – Zodiac

Here’s a great hip-hop beat titled Zodiac by Monte Booker. It starts with an unnerving yet interesting electronic/glitchy sample then slowly progresses into a catchy, and funky hip hop beat. It’s a great journey aurally and definitely worth the share. Know anyone who makes cool music? Shoot me a link to their soundcloud, youtube or bandcamp page and if I like what I hear I’ll feature them. I’ll have another eargasm for you tomorrow at noon so stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Audio SeXXX!!!

Today is Audio SeXXX’s 2nd birthday!!! whooooo!!! 2 years, 500+ posts later here we are. Thanks for your continued support. I really appreciate it it’s what keeps me going.

Later today (8am EST) I’m going to post my “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly music review” for Big Sean’s recent album “Dark Sky Paradise” Stay tuned for that and the upcoming reviews for Fall Out Boy, Kelly Clarkson and Kendrick Lamar’s recent albums over the next couple weeks.

The Road to Mastery – Succeed or Game Over?

So the next step on reaching my goal of recording  10,000 hours of footage of me making music. I created a two minute ear worm called “Succeed of Game Over”.

You can listen to the song below and also donate or download FREE here by entering ‘0’ (zero) as the price Below this is the video documenting how I made this composition. Don’t forget to share and subscribe.