Weekly Update (3/17/2015) – Winter Training, Extra Life & Chess

It’s been a while, but I only disappeared because I’ve been using the winter to prepare for the Spring/Summer Season. Now that the weather is better I want to get into volunteering. I’ve also been working on creating more educational videos and learning editing techniques to makes series like Word Origins more crisp, but I still have a ways to go before I feel it’s up to my standard.

Also I’m participating in Extra Life 2015! it’s a where throughout the year we raise money for our local children’s hospital then mid November we games for 24 hours straight!!! In honor or that starting mid April I will be uploading Let’s Play videos on my youtube channel to bring awareness to the cause. I will also be hosting an online chess tournament this April for Extra Life as Well so Stay tuned for that.

My Extra Life Profile is here if you wish to donate

Who wants to play chess?

So I got what I want to do to hang out with everyone. Play Chess! Soon I’ll set a day once I find a good site for us to use one that always mass chat or something or other. Might use teamspeak for communicating with people who have microphones.  Ill keep everyone posted. What do you think of this idea?