Graphics vs Aesthetics

Extra Credits is an amazing YouTube Channel that teaches complex video game design principles in a concise and digestible manner. I recommend it for anyone trying to learn a little bit about how games are created. This one is about the difference between Graphical capability and Aesthetic Choices

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Today is the release of my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It’s even accompanied by a soundtrack composed by yours truly! Today is the launch party so I’ll have to post up the photos and videos of yesterday’s comic con later, but below is a video of a my friend and bane as well as the ttrailer for my book. Support the cause and help further creativity by purchasing it here.

Wondering about upcoming projects?

Well wonder no more! By clicking here or clicking on “upcoming projects” in the navigation bar near the top of the site you can get the latest info on the currently 5 upcoming project I have for the next several years including, my next solo album, a poetry book, even a video game and comic!  I will make sure to let you know in the future when I make any major changes the upcoming projects page