Eargasm of the Day – Vocaloid

Today’s eargasm is brought to you by vocaloid! It’s a program created by Yamaha that synthesizes human phonetics with pure tones or in easy English that means computers that can sing words. Here’s on of my favorite. If you want to search more google “Hatsune Miku” she’s the most famous vocaloid

New Desktop Arrived

So I took some extra hours and used entire last pay check to get new desktop because 1) my 2tb hard drive with all my music and files from high school crashed while trying to save it 2) It was getting to the point I only had 5GB of 111 and I couldn’t delete much because most are my program files and it severely hindered the performance of my computer

Now with 10 times the memory (100GB to 1tb) and 4 time the RAM (2GB to 8GB) I’m about to do some insane music making for the next two off days

You already know the first thing i did was make music on it.

screen shot of next song I'm working on
screen shot of next song I’m working on