An Idea

The following is me brainstorming an idea so please forgive any grammatical mistakes. Feel free to leave your two cents as well.

So, I was reading “Think and Grow Rich” and there’s a chapter about the “Mastermind”, which is a group of experts you gather to augment any weak points in your own expertise. I’ve always been into S.A.M.M. (Science , art, math and music) and writing. I’ve always had dreams (literal dreams) of me gathering expertise in those fields and we create a network of artists and geniuses to help up and coming talent obtain jobs or collaboration with each other without all the binds of formality and bureaucracy that normal corporation impose. In a way like mentors because we not only have the knowledge but the connection that an artistic master usually had. The only think is a couple of road block occurred that I haven’t wrapped my head around quite yet.

1) Where do I go to find these people and how do I approach them? Especially since this idea is in it’s infancy. The most I can say is I’ve gathered some friends to collaborate musically, but I also need to figure how to get the non-artist mathematicians and scientist. (I’m well versed in both for a laymen so talking technical isn’t an issue)

2) What do we do once I get the initial batch of people?Assuming the initial batch of people I gather aren’t well connected or financed like myself. What do we do to get the attention of those who do. What kind of projects do we create? When I think on this and try to flesh out the idea, I feel like there is a Gate. Like I need a key from someone else or an idea I don’t know really. I know if together we can help solve a problem maybe I need to pin point said problem, but I don’t want to be over-zealous on the first project since I want to prove to concept successful in the early stages.

3) How to get every to work together? This may be something out of my control, but with something like this it’s possible for leeches to emerge or people to disagree. What do I do to mitigate or prevent tension and conflict?

Want to Review Yesterday’s Tomorrow?

Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you would like to review my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” for FREE, in order to help me get an idea of how people will receive the content as well as help other people know if the book is for them. Here’s a link to download a sampler to see if you would like to review it in its entirety. (sampler comes with 5 poems in PDF and 3 tracks from the soundtrack) If you do wish you to review it email me at and I’ll send you a PDF of the full book. Thank for your help. I appreciate it!

Here’s the book trailer 🙂

Promise Me

So below is a sneak peek of the poem “Promise Me” from my book of poems “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It’s the first snippet shown in the book trailer (embedded below the poem) I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to purchase “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” now. It is available at

Promise Me by: James Revels III

Promise me, if I gave you my heart with the key,

That you wouldn’t throw its contents back at me,

But organize the contents and untangle the strings,

Then open up your chest and offer your heart unto me.

Promise me, if I were to offer you my mind,

That you wouldn’t drop it on the ground amongst the filth and grime,

But take apart my cluttered thoughts to neatly realign,

Then open up your skull and place your mind beside mine.

Promise me, if I were to let you keep my soul,

You wouldn’t sell it for any amount of shining gold,

But cherish it and help it to grow,

Then open up your spirit and make your soul my own.

Weekly Update (1/5/2015) – Happy New Years!!!

Hey Guys hope you had a great new years! I sure did! Now it’s time to get down to business.

This year my first focus is publishing my book titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It is a collection of poetry, short stories and short essay I wrote over the years dating as far back as 2009. I’m also making an accompanying instrumental CD to go with it. here’s a sneak preview of a track from the aforementioned CD.  The song is titled “Dreaming Awake”. Have a great day and thanks for following Audio Sexxx!

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Draft of Table of Contents for book "Yesterday's Tomorrow"
Draft of Table of Contents for book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

Also don’t forget to check out my youtube channel! Music tutorials and music videos. Going to update within a week so stay tuned!!!

Learning Center Draft Blueprint v1

So, I’ve been doing some planning during commute to work and I drew up this blueprint when I got home. It’s a blueprint for the future Pyromaniac Productions Learning Center(s?) that I’m going to make in the future to promote S.A.M.M. (Science, art, math, and music). Right now I’m a one man team , in the development stage but if you’d like to know more about my vision click here to go to Pyromaniac Productions About page.   Oh yeah did I mention I helped a score for a short film recently? You should click here and watch it

A draft of pyromaniac production learning center (click picture to read more details)

Pyromaniac Productions: The big picture

So, with “Farewell””s release 3 days away I want to present you with my big picture dream. Pyromaniac Productions. It’s an idea for a record label I’ve had since high school, but since then it has transformed into something much more.


Pyromaniac Productions is a business interested in music production and education. The name stemming from the fire we wish to ignite in the heart of musicians and music enthusiasts alike, using teaching centers, libraries, and music produced through Pyromaniac Productions.


  • Produce successful, yet unique music from signed artists
  • Music education resources including, but not limited to, the library of Alexandria for music, music tutors, seminars and classes. Music centers with instrument lab.

If you’d like more info or would like to help email me at

Pyromaniac Production updates will be posted on this page.

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Pyromaniac Productions first single “Farewell” to be released on iTunes and Spotify on November 30th. Watch the lyric video below and tell me what you think.