A Recording Session Well Done

Last night had a large recording session with a load of friends; a full house.  We recorded a rap song that featured 5 of us including myself which will release after Xmas. whenever the rest of the guys give the OK on the mix. We also recorded loads of extra behind the scene footage of pre-recording discussion and freestyles, which are currently uploading to my YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/jamesrevelscomposer. Stay Tuned for more from out of the Pyromaniac Productions Studio because this is just the beginning.

(Left to Right) Dre,Qais,Quan,KO,Tevi, Nino and Jemetri 

Post Session Clip


Ear Training Day 26 & 27 – Melody Training

Late night at work last night by here’s Ear training day 26 & 27. Today I’m trying something new the melody exercises! It’s like the melodic intervals listening to 3 or more successive notes and guessing the distances. Even though I’m great at melodic intervals this is a challenge which I have accepted and will conquer!

IMG_0392 IMG_0397

Ear Training 17 & 18 – Chord Progressions

Hey guys! Didn’t get to post my ear training results to wordpress because I didn’t get to my computer after work until it was really late but I did post to instagram (@jamesrevelscomposer) if you want to see the ear training results fresh off the press.

So I’ve been doing doing chord progression recognition of the Major scale particularly the I,ii,IV,V scale degrees. Yesterday I got a 65% which was a huge jump from the 48% I had but today I normalized with a 56% with my goal for each type of training being 90% I still have looads of work to do



EARGASM – Zodiac

Here’s a great hip-hop beat titled Zodiac by Monte Booker. It starts with an unnerving yet interesting electronic/glitchy sample then slowly progresses into a catchy, and funky hip hop beat. It’s a great journey aurally and definitely worth the share. Know anyone who makes cool music? Shoot me a link to their soundcloud, youtube or bandcamp page and if I like what I hear I’ll feature them. I’ll have another eargasm for you tomorrow at noon so stay tuned!

Demisexuality & Me

As a Man, most cultures expect me to have a strong sexual desire and seek sex. Since high school to this day I’ve had people perplexed and even ridicule me for not having sex for 6 months to a year at a time. Don’t get me wrong I do like me a curvy lady but I just never felt the impulse to “chase” women for casual sex. It felt borderline asexual at times. I feel awkward being around my home boys and they crucify me for defending my abstinence by saying that chasing random women doesn’t turn ne on. It felt awkward mainly because there was no words to succinctly describe my sexuality until now…Demisexual
A demisexual is a person who can only have sex with someone they have a connection with. Just learning about this word, I feel more comfortable discussing the topic with people instead of feeling odd or defective. Hopefully sharing this can help someone else feel more comfortable with their sexuality and help normal sexuals to better understand thier less freaky friends lol