DGAF the Album Release Today

Radikal Nation’s DGAF the Album is Out!  It is a Fresh, eccentric Hip hop album containing vocals from myself (King Leo), Aether Radikal, Nature, and Divine Linez. There’s only one good word the describe this album and that word is “different”. Check it out, download it for free (Donations welcome). It will also be available on iTunes and Amazon in several week so be on the look out for that!

Want to start a movement?

Want to be part of a movement? Radikal Nation’s borders are open to immigrants. ambitious artists, musicians, animators, photographers, programmers, pretty much if you do S.A.M. (science art math) we are looking to help you.
Currently we are trying to promote these spirited creators on our blog’s audiosexxx.com and rnwdgaf.wordpress.com but it’s much more than that. We are trying cultivate a network with strong teamwork between the creatively minded. Soon we plan on creating web forum so ideas can flow and be enriched by each persons unique perspective and collabs between people who might have otherwise never will be born.
That’s just an icebergs tip and development is currently in its infancy. so if you are interested email me some of you work at jrevelsiii@gmail.com or go to “contact info” tab in the top nav bar for alternative communication routes. Hope to hear from you soon.

Audio SeXXX Reaches 10,000 Followers

Audio SeXXX reaches 10,000 Followers!!!
Audio SeXXX reaches 10,000 Followers!!!

It’s been a long tough year for me but I am happy to announce that AudioSeXXX is now 10,000 followers strong! Thanks for your continued support as thanks below I have made a video describing my origins as a musician. Thanks a million and hope you continue to come back for more eargasms! 😀