New iPhone to remove headphone jack?

I usually don’t write much on current events but this one caught my attention and I decided to write about it. If you don’t know there’s a very dubious rumor that the next iPhone will be removing the 3.5mm headphone jack in order to make the phone thinner. I don’t think this is true, but for the sake of argument lets explore the implication and repressions.

The Adapter Solution

Let’s say this iPhone 7 came out with only a lightning cable port. How are you going to privately listen to your music? The simplest method I can think of is via adapter. Although, I view this method as very ridiculous because if the goal is to make a thinner phone why encourage the use of a possibly bulky (and definitely expensive) peripheral. This also will alienate the fitness crowd because adapters tend to disconnect or break easily during exercise. Also, the adapter would have to connect through s lightning cable, which from what I heard doesn’t hold a the connections as snug as current headphone jack.

The Bluetooth Solution

Ok, well adapters are a crap option. What about wireless options? Bluetooth maybe? Well…that depends. Bluetooth does allow the freedom of movement that wired doesn’t, but is notorious for having relatively worse audio than the wired counterpart due to the compression process the audio undertakes during Bluetooth transmission.  If quality isn’t a problem then I hope the price of Bluetooth headphones doesn’t bother you. Bluetooth headphones are always more expensive and usually require batteries making them bulky or annoying if you forget to recharge your headphones. I also hope they don’t use this to stuff their Beats down iPhone user throats. Lets’ not forget to mention Bluetooth compatible cars aren’t that ubiquitous. From my experience the only time I’ve been in a Bluetooth car is when someone rents a car for a road trip.  So all you AUX users are out of luck if the iPhone rumors are true.

Android Solution

Then there’s the final solution. Switch to Android. From what I know they aren’t leaving the audio jack anytime soon.


So, removing the 3.5mm jack for just a couple millimeters of thinness  would be a horrible move. It will reduce the fidelity of the listening experience on their products. It would inconvenience the consumer in a number of ways and make apple look like money grabbing jerks who are forcing their consumer base to buy proprietary adapters and headphones all because they wanted their phone to compete with Victoria Secret models for the thinnest object on Earth.

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Try a new game: Tap Studio 3

So I found this app on my iPod, called Tap Studio 3. It’s guitar hero-esque game where you create a tap pattern to a song and you play them trying to hit the tap pattern accurately. Below is a video  of me playing my song “What Angels Dance To” on insane difficulty. I can also share songs with others so if you have the app and want to play let me know!

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