Hey Ya! – Chilling with the New 11

Lately, I’ve been quiet because the studio has been full as well as hanging with local band “The New 11”. They are an acoustic band that plays unconventional such as African flutes, bongos, jaw harps and much more.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the practice and below that is the final video production. Support their channel by subscribing!

Finished Video of Hey Ya!

Behind the Scenes


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A Recording Session Well Done

Last night had a large recording session with a load of friends; a full house.  We recorded a rap song that featured 5 of us including myself which will release after Xmas. whenever the rest of the guys give the OK on the mix. We also recorded loads of extra behind the scene footage of pre-recording discussion and freestyles, which are currently uploading to my YouTube channel. www.youtube.com/jamesrevelscomposer. Stay Tuned for more from out of the Pyromaniac Productions Studio because this is just the beginning.

(Left to Right) Dre,Qais,Quan,KO,Tevi, Nino and Jemetri 

Post Session Clip


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I’m going to be running errands all day so I didn’t have time to type up an article so please check out my other content which I have linked below. I have articles I wrote as well as YouTube videos I posted throughout the week

Pros & Cons of Mass Media

The Death of the Facebook Like Pages

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

Pros & Cons of Mass Media

We always hear about how TV is rotting our brains and video games making us violent, but lets take a step back and get an unbiased perspective shall we?


I think the biggest pro of mass media is the ability for shared experience. It makes the world feel smaller because we have shared experiences and references strengthening the culture as a whole.

Another major pro is the exposure for the arts and an outlet for those creative minds. Mass media also encourages collaboration which is necessary for the evolution of art.

Also,according to  the book “What’s Bad is Good for You” by Steven Johnson, he believes that the complex subplots and mechanics of video games, TV, etc help our critical thinking faculties and mental health overall.


Sadly, this connectivity comes at a cost. The major con I see with Mass media is the weakness with an system, it’s too rigid. Since, a lot of many for a lot of people are involved many of the innovations are sedated for profit. This not only makes the companies and artist unmotivated to change, but it also makes consumers numb. This is why there are so many reboots and sequels that sell and tend to disappoint most people.

The final con is geared towards informational rather than artistic media. Mass media has the power of misinformation and sensationalization. News outlets have to ability to  cause mass panic or distract the people from problems at hand. Although, it does have to power to unite, it usually doesn’t help the rating which is why it doesn’t happen often.

There’s my thoughts on the Pros and Cons of Mass Media.

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The Death of the Facebook Like Pages

Journal Entry 12/07/2015

Weird Genres: Abstract Hip-Hop?

What is this?

Wonder what this is and what it has to do with music? Stay tuned I’m in the process of making a video explaining soon. in the meantime make your best guess in the comments or check out some of my other videos embedded below.

Measure Grid

Journal Entry 12/09/2015

Yesterday was an awesome day. Started off the day, Qais came through and practiced some of his verses in the morning. Then after practicing, we played soul calibur and I improvised on my piano and posted both videos to my youtube channel. Following that Dre, Quan, Kashe and Mike came through and recorded a track and then ended the night writing a new song. It was a fun, productive and awesome day.

My improvisation 

Awesome Soul Calibur Matches