Music as Language: The Parallels of Linguistics and Music

Before I got into music composition, I wanted to be a linguist. I didn’t necessarily want to learn the language itself, but the structures and rule that governed language and language change thoroughly interested me. For years I’ve heard music is the “Universal Language” or something along those lines and you’d be surprised how close this statement is to the truth.

Phonetics: The Acoustics of Language

Acoustics is essentially the study of wave phenomenon, usually sound since it’s the easiest to reproduce and observe.  It’s like Physics for sound. In linguistics, this is paralleled by the branch called phonetics. They study the acoustical properties of sounds used in human speech. They also study how sounds are articulated and how they are perceived.

Phonology: The “Music Theory” of Language

Music theory is a study and classification of common structures that occur across different songs. Phonology does the same but with languages. They study how sounds are group together and organized in a given language. Phonologists study the phonotactics, or rules and constraints for how sounds can occur in the syllables. Phonologist also study the “prosody” or quality of a sound. This includes its stress, intonation, and pitch, all three of these also important for analyzing music as well.

Grammar: The “Music Composition” of Language

Music composition is how different musical motifs and phrases are placed together to create a unified whole. In language this is reflected in grammar, which is the study of the rules that govern how words and phrases can be combined to create sentences.

There’s a lot more I could go into, but for now I’ll leave it simple.

Check out Yesterday’s article on my musical ideals or check out my Youtube playlist where I post a daily short musical piece as practice.

Hi Guys!!!

Hi Guys!!! So I’m back. I haven’t posted for a week or so because I’ve been doing a lot of things to prepare for “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” as well as some other things to improve myself

First I did this video explaining some of the inspiration behind Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Also for those who want are skeptical and want a sampler of the book I’m in the works of setting up getting you a 5 poem sampler and the 1st 3 songs off the soundtrack.

Here’s also a song from the soundtrack. Enchantment


Second. I have been updating the Pyromaniac Productions Website heavily, so I haven’t been doing weekly updates for that reason. The site’s not broken but if you go there now you will see a lot of the layout has changed and much more is soon to come.

Also for those waiting on WORD ORIGINS I am still working on it. I’m just studying some video editing skill and making some custom art work so I can give a superior presentation.

Third. I’ve been doing some self development as well. I on a 50 day streak on this language learning app named Duolingo. I want to be fluent in Spanish by years end. You should follow me on that app. username: jlronthebeat.

I also was practicing some drawing. I love drawing geometric art and mandalas.

finally. I’ve been working on a short story titled. “Jacob and Daedalus” I finished Chapter 1 yesterday as well as finished the first rough draft for chapter 2. I’m so excited to share that with you as soon as I refine it to my liking

50 days straight of Spanish practice on this app called Duolingo add e username: jlronthebeat
50 days straight of Spanish practice on this app called Duolingo add e username: jlronthebeat
Drawing practice I love mandalas and geometric patterns
Working on short story “Jacob and Daedalus” Finished Chapter 1 and finished 1st draft of chapter 2


La Palabra Español del Dia 2

I’ve always wanted to learn a second language but always debated over which one. Japanese, French, but as the title of the post spoiled I chose Spanish. Why? 3 reasons. 1) its a widely spoken language worldwide 2) I took up to Spanish 3 in high school 3) cause Spanish girls are hot duh. 😉
Anyway with out further ado Spanish word of the day.

Me gusta = I like

Music, The universal Language

Before I studied music theory deeply, I used to want to be a linguist. I would study the structures and history of a languages, morphology and semantics. I even created my own language in order to teach myself some of the concepts but as time past, my interest in music continued and as I began to study more and more, music began looking almost synonymous to my linguistics teaching and this video reminded me of that. Enjoy this inspiring clip.