The Road to Mastery – Succeed or Game Over?

So the next step on reaching my goal of recording  10,000 hours of footage of me making music. I created a two minute ear worm called “Succeed of Game Over”.

You can listen to the song below and also donate or download FREE here by entering ‘0’ (zero) as the price Below this is the video documenting how I made this composition. Don’t forget to share and subscribe.

The Road to Mastery (11/17/2014) – Creating Instruments Patches

So to start off my 10,000 hour journey we will make instrumental patches. My 2 TB hard drive crashed so here I go rebuilding my kits from scratch. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow this amazing journey! Here’s a 1 page PDF explaining how I organize my instrument patches:
Listen to my music here:

Great YouTube idea?

Some time ago I read the books “mastery” and “outliers” they mentioned a concept about obtaining mastery. They say it takes 5 years or 10,000 hours of practice to gain mastery of skill.This year is my th uear composing music (started at 16 I am now 21) and A year ago I attempted to log my hours of practice but after a while Id hop into practice and forget to add start times and end times because id be too into the work. So I decided to log my hours with a playlist of videos on YouTube recording as I make music in Reason. I think this is a Good way for people to see my skill progression as I save money for school then see the changes after I attend classes. What do you think