Why I’m Not Going To Vote

After this week in politics I’m officially done. This is just getting ridiculous. I’ve never been deep into politics, but I am interested in the state of my country so I don’t go outside and get bombed because the president was an ass-hat to a diplomat. Trump is an obvious bigot and he may get the GOP nomination, but I know he won’t win the presidency. I don’t hate Hilary but I don’t have a reason to like her due to ignorance. As a 90’s baby all I know Hilary as is the first lady to Bill Clinton. I’m very pessimistic about the current state of the presidential race. Someone please tell me something to give me hope in the system.

Ear Training Day 26 & 27 – Melody Training

Late night at work last night by here’s Ear training day 26 & 27. Today I’m trying something new the melody exercises! It’s like the melodic intervals listening to 3 or more successive notes and guessing the distances. Even though I’m great at melodic intervals this is a challenge which I have accepted and will conquer!

IMG_0392 IMG_0397

Ear Training 17 & 18 – Chord Progressions

Hey guys! Didn’t get to post my ear training results to wordpress because I didn’t get to my computer after work until it was really late but I did post to instagram (@jamesrevelscomposer) if you want to see the ear training results fresh off the press.

So I’ve been doing doing chord progression recognition of the Major scale particularly the I,ii,IV,V scale degrees. Yesterday I got a 65% which was a huge jump from the 48% I had but today I normalized with a 56% with my goal for each type of training being 90% I still have looads of work to do



EARGASM – Zodiac

Here’s a great hip-hop beat titled Zodiac by Monte Booker. It starts with an unnerving yet interesting electronic/glitchy sample then slowly progresses into a catchy, and funky hip hop beat. It’s a great journey aurally and definitely worth the share. Know anyone who makes cool music? Shoot me a link to their soundcloud, youtube or bandcamp page and if I like what I hear I’ll feature them. I’ll have another eargasm for you tomorrow at noon so stay tuned!

Awesome News – Rhine McLin Endorses James Revels the Composer

I was scrolling through Linkedin and saw this!

Former OH state rep & Mayor of Dayton Rhine mclin endorses James Revels the composer
Former OH state rep & Mayor of Dayton Rhine MclLn endorses James Revels the Composer

For those who don’t know about Rhine McLin , <— click this link or read on. She’s a former Ohio state representative and Former Mayor of Dayton as of 2010. I saw here a couple of month earlier in Target around March/April and had a quick chat with her and told her how I remembered when my elementary school class took a trip to see her.  Now here we are Mid-September and She’s done a lot of amazing things I never knew (including being a former state representative,)