Weekly Update (3/23/2015) – Let’s Play with James and 7 days!

So I posted my first let’s play on the internet last night. I’m going to call the series “Let’s Play with James”. I’m doing these let’s play not only for fun but I’m fundraising for Extra Life 2015. A campaign in which gamers raise money from now till November for local children’s hospital. The Hospital I sponsor is Dayton Children’s Medical Center. If you’d like to support my campaign. follow this link.

Also don’t forget that my poetry book “Yesterday Tomorrow” is releasing next Monday! I’m excited for the launch party and sharing my work with you. If you haven’t heard of the book below is the trailer.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow has arrived!

So my copies of “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” arrived earlier than expected! I’m so excited. so excited in fact that I’m going to release to soundtrack for streaming here it goes!

(FULL Book trailer is also embedded at the bottom for those who haven’t seen it yet)

For anyone interested in getting a copy earlier than March 30th I got a little something for you too. if you click here you can buy a physical of the book and a get a FREE digital copy of the soundtrack and PDF of the book when you email me at jrevelsiii@gmail.com with proof of purchase. I’ll send you a download code. To thank you for early support from now till April 7th the book will be 30% off selling for $7 but if you’re more interested in the music…

You can buy the soundtrack here from my band camp for $5 and it comes with a FREE PDF of “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” as well.

If you purchase the book please leave an honest review on the purchase page. It will help other readers better assess if the book is for them.  Thanks for the support I hope you enjoy the poetry.



Click on the photo to go page purchase your copy today
Click on the photo to go purchase your copy today

Can you handle a tease?

If you guys leave 10 comments on this post, I’ll upload a teaser for my book trailer, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I plan on releasing the full trailer the 1st week of February.  For those who don’t know I’m releasing a poetry book titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It even comes with its own soundtrack! You should check that out on March 30th when it is set to be released.


Yesterday's Tomorrow front Cover (Click for link to my official website)
Yesterday’s Tomorrow front Cover (Click for link to my official website)

Weekly Update (1-11-2015) – Farewell, iTunes and, Yesterday’s Tomorrow

For the full update on the Pyromaniac Productions website click here. Below is just a quick summery.

My single “Farewell” is officially on iTunes Click here to go to iTunes.

Here’s a video a I made to update everyone on the status of my upcoming poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

Here’s a preview from the soundtrack mentioned in the video

Thanks for watching. Hope to see again on Monday!

Weekly Update (1/5/2015) – Happy New Years!!!

Hey Guys hope you had a great new years! I sure did! Now it’s time to get down to business.

This year my first focus is publishing my book titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It is a collection of poetry, short stories and short essay I wrote over the years dating as far back as 2009. I’m also making an accompanying instrumental CD to go with it. here’s a sneak preview of a track from the aforementioned CD.  The song is titled “Dreaming Awake”. Have a great day and thanks for following Audio Sexxx!

Want to know more about the Pyro Movement by Pyromaniac Productions? Click here to read the game plan.

Draft of Table of Contents for book "Yesterday's Tomorrow"
Draft of Table of Contents for book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

Also don’t forget to check out my youtube channel! Music tutorials and music videos. Going to update within a week so stay tuned!!!