Reason Tutorial – Sequencer Basics

So here’s the 3rd video to my music tutorial series. We explore the basics of the sequencer in the music making program Reason 8. If you enjoyed the video subscribe to my channel and click here to check out  more details on my educational mission.

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James Revels – Reason Tutorial

So last night I made a simple tutorial for a the music making program Reason. This one is on the basic layout of screen so its very non-technical. You should watch and tell me if it’s formatted and edited good. I’d really appreciate it. If you’d like to know more of my educational music click here

My Intention

so far 21 bucks have been donated to my music and in decided what I want to do with it I came to the conclusion that I was going to upgrade my software. Right now I use Reason 5 which I got through some…noon conventional means, bit torrent, but to upgrade i need the buy the 450 dollar product, but it comes with free upgrades for life. I want to buy Reason 6.5 so when it comes out I can get the free upgrade for wait for it….reason 7 watch the vid to see why i cum over this program! lmao

Thanks for the listens and the support. if you have some eargasm you;d like me to listen to dont be afraid to let me know in the comments thanks and have a great day 😀

P.S. Next Eargasm to be posted March 30 stay tuned!