Eargasm of the Day – Vocaloid

Today’s eargasm is brought to you by vocaloid! It’s a program created by Yamaha that synthesizes human phonetics with pure tones or in easy English that means computers that can sing words. Here’s on of my favorite. If you want to search more google “Hatsune Miku” she’s the most famous vocaloid

Eargasm of the Day – American Aliey Reborn

So American Aliey is a great amazing singer. She is also the first eargasm to be featured on Audio Sexxx and sister of Aübèl Cuzèl, who was featured recently as a guest poet.  Years later she has finally dropped a short project of covers named “One Love Lost” and she did a remake of turning tables which is awesomeness!!!


Well American Aliey is not the only thing reborn. James unedited has been reborn as well check out the first video below!

Morphin’ Time!

Ether Radikal, a member of the  Hip-hop Group I’m apart of named “Radikal Nation We Dont Give a Fuck” or RN for short, has released his first single “White Falcon” from his upcoming album “Blvkk Pyramids” . It feature’s Lazer Drama’s singing talents and my instrumentation. If you’d like to know more about Ether. Check out this interview in the video embedded below.

The Interview

White Falcon


Radikal Nation has THREE other releases (one including lyrics from me :3) which can be found here

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