Hi Guys!!!

Hi Guys!!! So I’m back. I haven’t posted for a week or so because I’ve been doing a lot of things to prepare for “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” as well as some other things to improve myself

First I did this video explaining some of the inspiration behind Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Also for those who want are skeptical and want a sampler of the book I’m in the works of setting up getting you a 5 poem sampler and the 1st 3 songs off the soundtrack.

Here’s also a song from the soundtrack. Enchantment


Second. I have been updating the Pyromaniac Productions Website heavily, so I haven’t been doing weekly updates for that reason. The site’s not broken but if you go there now you will see a lot of the layout has changed and much more is soon to come.

Also for those waiting on WORD ORIGINS I am still working on it. I’m just studying some video editing skill and making some custom art work so I can give a superior presentation.

Third. I’ve been doing some self development as well. I on a 50 day streak on this language learning app named Duolingo. I want to be fluent in Spanish by years end. You should follow me on that app. username: jlronthebeat.

I also was practicing some drawing. I love drawing geometric art and mandalas.

finally. I’ve been working on a short story titled. “Jacob and Daedalus” I finished Chapter 1 yesterday as well as finished the first rough draft for chapter 2. I’m so excited to share that with you as soon as I refine it to my liking

50 days straight of Spanish practice on this app called Duolingo add e username: jlronthebeat
50 days straight of Spanish practice on this app called Duolingo add e username: jlronthebeat
Drawing practice I love mandalas and geometric patterns
Working on short story “Jacob and Daedalus” Finished Chapter 1 and finished 1st draft of chapter 2


La Palabra Español del Dia 2

I’ve always wanted to learn a second language but always debated over which one. Japanese, French, but as the title of the post spoiled I chose Spanish. Why? 3 reasons. 1) its a widely spoken language worldwide 2) I took up to Spanish 3 in high school 3) cause Spanish girls are hot duh. 😉
Anyway with out further ado Spanish word of the day.

Me gusta = I like