Li-Fi: Light based Wi-fi

Above is a video explaining the basics of the light based communication called Li-Fi. What happens is that an LED is flickered very fast and a sensor decodes the flickers into data. In the video above there’s a clip that shows an HD video being played over Li-Fi at a TED talk. It’s pretty crazy. With Li-fi supposedly being 100x faster than Wi-fi what could be possible? Let’s explore that shall we.

Hologram Video Chat

With a connection this blazing I could see the implementation of hologram based communication. It would make sending HD (or even 4k resolution) full body holographic images no problem. The Li-Fi device itself could possibly be bundled with hologram capabilities, although adding it to smartphones would be the likely choice.

Virtual/Augmented Reality Boom

I think with the right spin, this technology can help propel VR technology to next level. It would first start with the 360 degree videos that have recently started on YouTube. I can imagine those type of videos aren’t memory friendly but with Li-Fi streaming and sending those files would be trivial. As we get better at 360 degree video they will add it to Virtual Reality hopefully giving video games a new aspect to work as well as giving the VR tech some more commercial leverage.

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