Synopsis of Escapism

Brief Summery

“Escapism” is a  5 track mini-album created as an escape from the norms of popular hip hop. It is thought provoking and challenges the listener with creative storytelling, clever word play, and unique diction. All the lyrics, instrumentals, engineering and art work will be done by myself. I chose to do a short 5 track album because I intend to use it as a demo tape as well as a performance set when I seek out gigs. Each track will also have it’s own unique album art which I may combine into a single poster as the release date approaches. As of now the release date for the entire project is to be announced, but the first single “Genesis” will be releasing this Thursday, March 24th, 2016.

Track List

  1. Genesis
  2. Artisan
  3. A More
  4. Euphoria
  5. Escapism/I’d Rather

Stay tuned tomorrow for a synopsis of the first single “Genesis”


Thanks for Reading

As thanks for reading, below I have a sneak preview of the album art for “Genesis”. Hope you enjoyed this synopsis and support the release.


America: The Culture of Escapism

Over the last several months I have been working on a project titled “Escapism EP” and it is inspired by the realization that I used drug and entertainment as escapism. Upon further introspection I realized that this problem is a symptom of a much bigger and hidden disease that not only affects me, but the culture as a whole.

Before I delve deeper, let me say I am not against having fun. There’s a time and a place for fun, but I feel that for a lot of people that time is nearly all the time. That over time people use drug, entertainment, and sex as a life escape rather than a life enhancer, which it ideally should be.

Today, people worship the people or things that can take them away from the reality. Actors, Musicians, Sports Stars, YouTube, Video Games, T.V. make ridiculous amount of money because they help us forget the current situation. Take the edge off. This becomes unhealthy when all our mass media outlets are about the Kardashian’s or some sex scandal involving our favorite actors.

While chasing the American Dream at what point should we wake up and chase reality instead?

  Those are just my thoughts. What do you think?  Leave a comment below.

Two Types of Intelligence: Analytical v.s. Abstract

There are many types of intelligence that exist in this world. There’s social intelligence and academic intelligence, but I want to focus on two I am intimately familiar with; analytical and abstract intelligence.

Analytical Intelligence

We’ve all heard the saying “Think outside the box”. Well, analytical intelligence is the exact opposite of that. Analytical people will look inside the box, describe and break down every thing inside the boxes. They may even get lost in the boxes inside the boxes! This type of intelligence is great for understanding the nuances of specific objects. It’s like taking a magnifying glass and notating all the like cracks, crevices and colors. This lends well to math and science. The problem with this intelligence is that getting lost in the details is all too easy.

Abstract Intelligence

Abstract intelligence is the counterpart to analysis. Theses are the ones who “think outside of the box” and realize that all ideas are in one big box with infinite smaller boxes. Stated simply, abstraction is the act of generalization; stripping away the specifics and focusing on the similarities. For instance, “Color” is an abstraction of the specific colors “Blue” and “Orange” or “Sport” is an abstraction of the specific sports “Soccer” and “Baseball”. An abstraction is, like a big box that you fit other smaller boxes in to connect them together.  This lends well to poetry because you can abstract two unrelated words like, “bullet” and “shark”, into a simile such as “The shark swam like a speeding bullet”.  Abstract minded people usually are good at creative writing, art and music. The problem with abstract thought is that if the relation between the two ideas is too loose communicating the thought could be disastrous.

Final Thoughts

No intelligence is better than the other. I’d say analytical intelligence tends to be more practical, but abstract intelligence tends to be more beautiful. Although, in practice we use both simultaneously, there tends to be a preference for analytical over abstract. There’s nothing wrong wrong with this but without understanding the balance we miss one half of the equation that makes subjects like math interesting. Math is the analysis of an abstract concept called numbers. While writing composition classes are the abstractions of multiple pieces of writing. By framing school work or problems in this way it could help with finding solutions. If you know all the details and are still stuck, try to find a loosely similar situations that you relate to and try to tackle it that way (analytical to abstract). Or if you are confused on a dense concept, try to ground the idea in a metaphor, by relating the parts you do understand to something familiar. (abstract to analytical).

What do you think? Leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

Check out the new song I composed for the game I’m working on.


Magnum Opus – Our Great Work

At age 19, I came across the term Magnum Opus meaning “great work” in Latin. It usually refers to an artist’s best or most iconic piece for example Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. I’ve interpreted the term in my life to represent my purpose. The great work that I am to do in the world. A year later, after frustration with college, I had an idea of a “creative “sanctuary”, a place where people could educate themselves and express their interests in S.A.M.M. (science,art,math and music). It would have an auditorium to host shows and seminars. A library/book store for people to access knowledge. Possibly even include piano labs for musicians, and whatever else possible as the idea grows. It’s a place with no goal other than to release creative urges or hone a skill among others with similar (or even better dissimilar) interests. A creative community of sorts. Upon hearing this most people say “isn’t that what school/college is about?”  Yes to an extent. Schools do hone skills and have vast creative resources but that fact is overshadowed by the pursuit of the degree. I was listening to a talk by Alan Watts on the futility of Self-Improvement. He said the joys of learning French should be “the ability to speak French…and having fun with French people” and when you put a degree on it “the degree becomes the main point in a game of one upmanship”. 
The root of education is latin for “to bring out” or “to lead forth”. sadly college usually “brings out” the capitalist ideal of competition and profit motive rather than “leading us forth” along the road that leads to the love of learning, knowledge and creativity. Whenever my family tries to convince me to go to college they mention the degree say I need the “credentials” so I can be successful rather than the community of like minds and resources I could use to further myself. Honestly, I’d rather not be in the college community because it’s tainted by most people’s worries of repaying loans and finding a job and if worry is misuse of imagination college culture cultivates and attitude opposite to my goals which is the expansion of the imagination. For this reason, I quit college in order to pursue my magnum opus.

My 2nd book is in the works!


Here’s the outline to my 2nd book I’m writing. It will be about exploring philosophical ideas. I’m not trying to establish a system or anything but I wanted to explore old and current ideals and their implications on today’s society. I recently found a notebook that contained mini essays on philosophy and this inspired me to write this book. If you want a sample of what will be in it check out the post before this titled “creative Pantheism – the religion of creativity” 

Creative Pantheism – the religion of creativity

Since I have limited access to internet due to laptop running slow I haven’t been able to upload youtube content, music etc like I want so I decided my next project is going to be a book exploring my personal philosophy and philosophical topics in general. So in preparation for this project, I have wrote this article. Mind you I typed this from phone off the top of my head as a kind of “freewrite” so forgive me for any mistakes.
People sometimes ask what my religion is and I’ve never known what to say. This is my attempt to put a label on it. I call it…
Creative Pantheism. What is it? Well Pantheism is the belief that all things are God. I believe that everything and everyone is as to God as cells are to us. The sum of all the parts of this universe equal to God and each person or thing is designed to play a specific microscopic role even if we aren’t aware of its macroscopic implications.  Creative Pantheism adds one more principle to Pantheism, that is, the idea that an act of creation and creativity is  the universe’s purpose. I’ve always said “The universe is a void screaming to be filled.” But what about destruction? Well, destruction is a type of creation in  the way that it frees up raw material to be  rearranged like lego pieces (this is why I believe legos are so popular, they reflect a fundamental principle of the universe)
Boom! There it is, creative Pantheism.
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My story thus far (20k follower tribute)

I’ve been in the wordpress blogosphere for nearly 4 years and have now reached 20k cumulative followers from my 3 blog. This is my life story written for those who have failed school or want motivation to live their passion despite life’s hardships. Hope you enjoy

My name is James L. Revels III, Born July 30th 1993 in Dayton, Ohio. Cool random facts about my heritage are that my paternal grandma is Japanese and my distant uncle is Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first African-American senator (you’re welcome obama). My story starts in elementary with a music teacher named Mr.Marra. Mr. Marra had an infectious enthusiasm for teaching and music and he was my music teacher for my 6 years at Valerie elementary. This set the seeds for my love of music. Now enter high school, I’m 15 and my friends and I loved free styling in the cafeteria and making beats on the table. Eventually my friends wanted to record, so I bought a 5 dollar gaming microphone and began recording my friends and I rapping over mainstream instrumentals. At age 16 I got my first job as a soccer referee on the weekend which lead me to buy my first studio quality condenser mic and study music theory, composition and audio engineering. At age 17 I created my first wordpress blog to house my poetry and writings. After graduating high school, I tried college but due to immaturity I flunked out due to not having vision for my life. A year past I tried school again this time with an increased vigor I passed all my classes with A’s and a B but because I took more courses first time around my gpa was too low for my financial aid to be renewed. So shortly after I created and vowed to study and work as if I were in college. I then released my first instrumental album to iTunes titled “Philosopher’s Stone” and worked with a couple local artists, helping with recording or lyrics. Then this year, the year I would have graduated college, I published a book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” and early May I moved into my first apartment on my own. As for the future my life goal is to make a “Creativity Sanctuary” a place where people can go study and collaboration on projects about S.A.M.M. (science art math and music) until I get the capital to make it happen every Monday I plan on having artists over to record, collab and create. So far so good. If you read this far I thank you for reading and also for your 4 years of support. My two blogs combined have 20,000 followers so it’s a blessing to have so much love from a majority of people Ive never met. 🙂

Pics of my first few weeks at my apartment