Moving to Texas

So, my lease is ending soon in early May and I’m seriously considering moving to Texas; Austin, Texas in particular. I’ve lived in Dayton,Ohio my whole life and I want to see what opportunities are out there for. I suggested this idea to my music friends and instead of them fighting me and trying to make me stay. They agree that Dayton is cool for steady jobs and getting on your feet but there isn’t many opportunities to grow as a young adult and mature in a business sense. They then suggested we team up and move together. My reaction was this face -> O.O. I’ll keep you updated on anything crucial that  happens but I’m excited to see if this works because it could help us all pursue our dreams of living a life of creativity and art. Teamwork makes Dream Work (Studios)

A New Suit & Dabbing for My City

I know I’ve been silent for a while but I’ve been taking the time to refresh myself. Boy am I refreshed and I have some stories I’d love to share.

First the New Suit. I decided a wardrobe make over was long overdue so I decided to get me a suit in order to have a more professional look. I prefer wearing button up shirts any way so it wasn’t much of a stretch. Here’s a selfie of me in it. (Follow my Instagram @jamesrevelsiii)


Second, My friends and I were walking down in Oregon District, a small strip of local businesses. We walked out the store and a lady with a camera asked if we wanted to have picture taken for so we did and we decided to dab for our species! (Shown below)



Journal Entry – Visiting Russel’s Point, Ohio

Yesterday, was another awesome day. My homie/ groupmate Brian “Nature” Hughes came up to Dayton from West Chester, Ohio to hang with Dre,Qais, Quan and I. Although Quan couldn’t hang till later, the rest of us went to Russel’s Point, Ohio to visit a tattoo shop. It was an 1hr and a half drive! We went their to visit Brian’s Tattoo sensei. He’s a dope artist that dreams of becoming a tattoo artist and normally he goes to a shop much closer, but he decided to visit his teachers main shop since she owns multiple. After that we came back to Dayton swooped up Quan and enjoyed what was left of the night before Brian had to head by to West Chester.

(Left to Right) Brian,Quan,Dre,Qais.Me

Advanced Music Theory – Granular Synthesis

Lately I’ve been trying to find some deep and obscure music theory techniques and facts. Today I found this thing called “Granular Synthesis”.

When a sound designer combines two or more sounds (usually called synthesizers) to make a new sound it is called “synthesis”. Granular Synthesis takes short 1-50 millisecond samples of a sound called “Grains” and layers them on top of each other with different types of alterations to create a new sound.

I have only lightly dabbled with this technique but it’s something I may gradually add to my repertoire so below is an example I found from YouTube

Daily Music Making Challenge

For those who don’t know I make short compositions to hone my music composition skills. My dream is to make Video Game/TV/Film Music.

There’s a poll above the video embed, Let me know what you think I’d love to hear from you.I post en masse so Subscribe to get the latest piece sent directly to your YouTube feed and not miss a beat!

Daily Music Making Challenge Day 30 – Adventures

After a week of taking a break to letting idea summer I’m back with day 30 – Adventures. For those who don’t know I make short compositions to hone my music composition skills. My dream is to make Video Game/TV/Film Music.

There’s a poll above the video embed, Let me know what you think I’d love to hear from you.I post en masse so Subscribe to get the latest piece sent directly to your YouTube feed and not miss a beat!

Ear Training Tips

So, you want to be a musician or a listen who want to take their music appreciation to the next level with ear training. You also want to do it as effectively as possible. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

What is Ear Training?

The best way to describe ear training is “music theory for the ears”. It trains your ear to recognize crucial music theory elements such as intervals,chords,scales,etc.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips I found online and from experience.

Consistency over Quantity: They say it’s better to 15 minutes everyday for a week than cramming about 2 hours of practice into 1 day.

Variety is Key: There are a variety of types of ear training each one giving your ears a different set of skill so it’s best to cycle between them to lessen fatigue as the training progresses

Have Fun and Ignore the Score: Most ear training sites or apps keep track of your training results and scores. Ignore them! It’s fine to post up the results because I do it occasionally, but don’t take them to heart because a 90% one day cause be a 70% tomorrow. What really matters is the test itself, not the result.

Ear Training Sources has not only ear training exercises, but other music theory exercises as well.

“My Ear Trainer” is an app for Android and iOS that is an awesome ear trainer that I use. It may only do ear training,but has more test types for ear training than


If the Music Industry Crashed…

After writing about the decline of the platinum album and my prediction of the future of music, I wondered what would it be like if the music industry crashed and people stopped buying music, attending concerts etc. due to over-saturation. Here is my theory.

Decline of the Record Label: I believe the biggest to be hit by the crash would be the record labels since they have the biggest stake in the industry. Labels will either close or focus their services on shows for revenue and create less CDs/Vinyls.

The Price of Physical Media will Rise: With the labels making less physical media the price of such media will rise. They may begin discontinuing content from older artists that don’t sell cause that artist physical to rise in price due scarcity (or decline in price depending on the artist’s obscurity)

The Revival of the Indie Scene: With the current vacuum created by the declining record labels this gives the independent artist a chance to fill the empty venues on the local level, but there’s one problem with that.

Artist Compensation: Due to the horrible state of sales, Label bound artist will cause a lot more than they used to book.This will translate to the ticket prices and will cause the venues to eventually lose money so they will seek lesser known independent artists, BUT the indie artist may be payed scraps based on said artist’s popularity and performance ability.

There goes my ideas about “if the music industry crashed” What do you think about them? Accurate or absurd? Leave a comment on what you think.