Stay Tuned: New Content Coming June 20th

Lately, I’ve been doing some introspection and been feeling like my 3 blogs haven’t had much direction or form. This has diminished content as well as motivation so I’ve taken the last few month to brainstorm ideas. On June 20th, Summer Solstice, I plan on rebooting all my blogs with refined content that I hope you guys will enjoy. In the meantime, if you want to see what I’ve been up to follow my instagram @jamesrevelsiii Have a great day!

James Revels III

Weekly Update (3/17/2015) – Winter Training, Extra Life & Chess

It’s been a while, but I only disappeared because I’ve been using the winter to prepare for the Spring/Summer Season. Now that the weather is better I want to get into volunteering. I’ve also been working on creating more educational videos and learning editing techniques to makes series like Word Origins more crisp, but I still have a ways to go before I feel it’s up to my standard.

Also I’m participating in Extra Life 2015! it’s a where throughout the year we raise money for our local children’s hospital then mid November we games for 24 hours straight!!! In honor or that starting mid April I will be uploading Let’s Play videos on my youtube channel to bring awareness to the cause. I will also be hosting an online chess tournament this April for Extra Life as Well so Stay tuned for that.

My Extra Life Profile is here if you wish to donate



Been working on learning autoCAD and above is my progress. Also working on Waveform theory. My theory on how to classify and analyze waveforms. Also not to forget drafting stuff for my short story Jacob and Daedalus. When I have 3 chapters finished Ill start posting chapters. Finally Ive been revamping the Pyromaniac Productions website that’s why the weekly updates have stopped.

Weekly Update (1-19-2015) – Yesterday’s Tomorrow Teaser Trailer

The original is from the Pyromaniac Productions website. You should click the link and leave a comment to say what’s up to me over there sometime as well as explore the site to check for recent news, upcoming projects and soon to include links to educational resources.

So, this week the biggest update is that I have released is the teaser trailer for my upcoming poetry book, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. I’ll post the full trailer on February 1st and expect “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” to be available March 30th. Hope you enjoy the teaser!

As bonus here’s a video of me practicing improv on my keyboard, I’m getting my 10,000 hours one way or another!

Weekly Update (1-11-2015) – Farewell, iTunes and, Yesterday’s Tomorrow

For the full update on the Pyromaniac Productions website click here. Below is just a quick summery.

My single “Farewell” is officially on iTunes Click here to go to iTunes.

Here’s a video a I made to update everyone on the status of my upcoming poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”

Here’s a preview from the soundtrack mentioned in the video

Thanks for watching. Hope to see again on Monday!

Update on Farewell

So the problem with my next single, Farewell’s itunes release is that the original art was too small and when stretched to correct size it pixelated. After talking to an artist and having technical problems with the alternative cover. Farewell will be release ASAP it is in processing right now. Although, it’s now a weak stock picture at least the original art is preserved in the lyric video which you can view below.Thanks for your patience Would you like to know more about my full artist dream? Click here