How to Overcome Writers Block

By: James Revels III

After making music daily for about 40 days for my YouTube Channel writer’s block was inevitable s here 3 things I try to do to overcome it.

Ignore the Initial Quality

Most people get stuck in writers block because they are trying to hard to make the Mona Lisa when they aren’t capable of it yet. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and grand, but be aware of your limitations and go with the flow when something doesn’t come out how you want it initially. You can refine later. Use this as a first draft to at least get a first draft going so you have a springboard to jump from when inspiration does return.

Try Something New

One reason we fall in a rut artistically that we find a groove and stick with it. The way to counter this is to try something knew. Come at your work from another angle. Do you hate writing in first person perspective? Write a silly story that is in 1st person. Not only will it be good for practice, but it could inadvertently inspire a new idea.

Do  Something Else

Sometimes you just have to know when to quit and do something else. If you’ve tried and tried and it’s more frustrating than productive. Take a break and relax. Start another project or just go and play for a little while you calm down and let inspiration take its time. Inspiration is like a finicky girlfriend and you never know when she’ll be in the mood 😉

There we go another one bites the dust. If you liked this article check out my other articles linked below or watch an embed from my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading. James Out!

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Promise Me

So below is a sneak peek of the poem “Promise Me” from my book of poems “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”. It’s the first snippet shown in the book trailer (embedded below the poem) I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to purchase “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” now. It is available at

Promise Me by: James Revels III

Promise me, if I gave you my heart with the key,

That you wouldn’t throw its contents back at me,

But organize the contents and untangle the strings,

Then open up your chest and offer your heart unto me.

Promise me, if I were to offer you my mind,

That you wouldn’t drop it on the ground amongst the filth and grime,

But take apart my cluttered thoughts to neatly realign,

Then open up your skull and place your mind beside mine.

Promise me, if I were to let you keep my soul,

You wouldn’t sell it for any amount of shining gold,

But cherish it and help it to grow,

Then open up your spirit and make your soul my own.