Free write – Simple Man

So I’m trying to get into the habit of writing daily, so everyday I’ve decided to write 16 lines of poetry/lyrics and if I create something I’m proud of I’ll post it here for you to enjoy. (Ps. subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content)

Simple Man

by: James Revels III


Simple man with a difficult goal,

I would sell my soul but it’s invaluable.

I would sleep but I live my dreams

so insomnia doesn’t bother me

Attention focused, Laser beam.

Trying to grow up from that lazy teen.

So, I woke up at 6 turned on a beat

while simultaneously turning off the T.V.s

Intercourse with discourse.

I get my release from speech.

Mutilate my competition.

Move along there’s nothing to see.

Put greatness on the GPS,

Don’t deviate from the plan

Here’s a laxative, I know it’s hard to digest

these complex thoughts from a simple man.

Here’s the instrumental I listened to inspire the verse.


How to Overcome Writers Block

By: James Revels III

After making music daily for about 40 days for my YouTube Channel writer’s block was inevitable s here 3 things I try to do to overcome it.

Ignore the Initial Quality

Most people get stuck in writers block because they are trying to hard to make the Mona Lisa when they aren’t capable of it yet. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and grand, but be aware of your limitations and go with the flow when something doesn’t come out how you want it initially. You can refine later. Use this as a first draft to at least get a first draft going so you have a springboard to jump from when inspiration does return.

Try Something New

One reason we fall in a rut artistically that we find a groove and stick with it. The way to counter this is to try something knew. Come at your work from another angle. Do you hate writing in first person perspective? Write a silly story that is in 1st person. Not only will it be good for practice, but it could inadvertently inspire a new idea.

Do  Something Else

Sometimes you just have to know when to quit and do something else. If you’ve tried and tried and it’s more frustrating than productive. Take a break and relax. Start another project or just go and play for a little while you calm down and let inspiration take its time. Inspiration is like a finicky girlfriend and you never know when she’ll be in the mood 😉

There we go another one bites the dust. If you liked this article check out my other articles linked below or watch an embed from my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading. James Out!

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My 2nd book is in the works!


Here’s the outline to my 2nd book I’m writing. It will be about exploring philosophical ideas. I’m not trying to establish a system or anything but I wanted to explore old and current ideals and their implications on today’s society. I recently found a notebook that contained mini essays on philosophy and this inspired me to write this book. If you want a sample of what will be in it check out the post before this titled “creative Pantheism – the religion of creativity” 

My story thus far (20k follower tribute)

I’ve been in the wordpress blogosphere for nearly 4 years and have now reached 20k cumulative followers from my 3 blog. This is my life story written for those who have failed school or want motivation to live their passion despite life’s hardships. Hope you enjoy

My name is James L. Revels III, Born July 30th 1993 in Dayton, Ohio. Cool random facts about my heritage are that my paternal grandma is Japanese and my distant uncle is Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first African-American senator (you’re welcome obama). My story starts in elementary with a music teacher named Mr.Marra. Mr. Marra had an infectious enthusiasm for teaching and music and he was my music teacher for my 6 years at Valerie elementary. This set the seeds for my love of music. Now enter high school, I’m 15 and my friends and I loved free styling in the cafeteria and making beats on the table. Eventually my friends wanted to record, so I bought a 5 dollar gaming microphone and began recording my friends and I rapping over mainstream instrumentals. At age 16 I got my first job as a soccer referee on the weekend which lead me to buy my first studio quality condenser mic and study music theory, composition and audio engineering. At age 17 I created my first wordpress blog to house my poetry and writings. After graduating high school, I tried college but due to immaturity I flunked out due to not having vision for my life. A year past I tried school again this time with an increased vigor I passed all my classes with A’s and a B but because I took more courses first time around my gpa was too low for my financial aid to be renewed. So shortly after I created and vowed to study and work as if I were in college. I then released my first instrumental album to iTunes titled “Philosopher’s Stone” and worked with a couple local artists, helping with recording or lyrics. Then this year, the year I would have graduated college, I published a book of poetry “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” and early May I moved into my first apartment on my own. As for the future my life goal is to make a “Creativity Sanctuary” a place where people can go study and collaboration on projects about S.A.M.M. (science art math and music) until I get the capital to make it happen every Monday I plan on having artists over to record, collab and create. So far so good. If you read this far I thank you for reading and also for your 4 years of support. My two blogs combined have 20,000 followers so it’s a blessing to have so much love from a majority of people Ive never met. 🙂

Pics of my first few weeks at my apartment








I’m happy to present a new series I’m working on titled “Word Origins”.   It’s where I give a brief overview of the etymology or various words I encounter. Today’s word is “Music” but from here on out I’m going to go in alphabetical order, So I’m looking for words that start with ABC. Know any weird words? leave them in the comments! I hope you enjoy the presentation. Don’t forget to Subscribe, share and thumbs up. Thank you and have a great day!

Also don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer for my poetry book “Yesterday’s Tomorrow” releasing March 30th. (Full Trailer releasing February 1st)