Like Music & Vlogs?

Do you like music? Do you like blogs? Then James Revels Composer’s Youtube Channel is for you. I post DAILY videos that include piano improvisations, instrumentals, hip-hop songs, and a personal vlog. Follow the creative journey by subscribing today!

Not convinced? Here are the core playlists of the channel. You’ll enjoy them. Thank you to taking time to read and listen to my passion. Have a great day!

Music Composition Playlist – contains instrumentals

James Unedited Playlist – contains vlog episodes

Piano Improv Playlist – contains piano improvisations

Artist Spotlight – King Terry III

@KingTerryIII in the spotlight with his song “Lit” This song is a self-fulfilling prophecy because it is litty! When he said the line “Processing Cheese like I work on a farm” I lost it lol This is a radio hit period. If you like it stop by his soundcloud and tell em James sent ya!

Calling All YouTubers

Hi, my name is James Revels. I compose instrumental music for YouTube and I’m looking to exchange free promotion of your videos on my blogs, Twitter, etc. for the use of my instrumentals as background music for your video. If you are interested leave your link in the comment or email me at I look forward to collaborating with you!